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Paul George Reminisces on Mother's Stroke & Raises Awareness with F.A.S.T


When Paul George was six, his mother Paulette had a stroke. After being bedridden for two years, she is partially paralyzed on her left side but lives a very full life.

Now, along with his mother, the Pacers player is an American Stroke Association F.A.S.T. campaign advocate and has joined the Indy Has Heart cause.



"My mom suffered a stroke when I was 6-years-old and the experience had an impact on me and my childhood," George said. "She was in the hospital for months and partially paralyzed. Basketball was a distraction that helped me get through it." 



"It's a very sensitive subject within my family. Having someone go through that as close as my mother, it touched me. When we found out we had a chance to get behind this and put some awareness about it, my mom and I were all for it, so another family doesn't have to go through all we went through."

Olivia, Paul George's sweet 1 1/2 year old daughter even helped daddy out with his Indy Has Heart heARTwork:

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