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These Zionsville Wings Break All The Rules

Photo Credit: Sean Copeland

Ok, they may not break all the rules, but they break what is typically my biggest rule when it comes to wings.


As I note below, there are careful exceptions to many rules.. and these wings are indeed pretty exceptional.


Had a bite with my friend Angie a few nights ago and her 91 year old mother, Miss Lorraine.  Miss Lorraine loves herself some hot wings and beer.  God bless her.  So, we went to this place… and I am trying to be kinda good in the New Year… so, I had looked at the menu ahead of time.  Was gonna get something healthy until the guy next to us at the bar said… "you have to get the wings.  They’re the best!" Miss Lorraine was on board.  Then I got on board with the wings.  And they were different.  They were dry, I mean the meat was juicy… but no sauce on them.  Sauce on the side.  Really crispy and flavorful… and not greasy at all. 


So, I was talking to one of the servers… and she said we don’t fry the wings, we broast them.  I’m like what does that mean.  She said it’s a pressure cooker… and they do use oil, but not nearly as much as if you had a typical deep fried wing.  I prefer a saucy wing, but that being said… these were spectacular.  Some of the best wings I’ve had in town.  Where were they? 

The Friendly Tavern in downtown Zionsville.


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