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Things You Didn't Know About 'The Chicago Hot Dog'

And where to get one in Indy right now!

Lots of excitement over Portillo's opening their first Indy area location soon (read that story here). But you don't have to wait for them, because you can get a Chicago Dog NOW at

DJs Hot Dog Co.


First of all -- There is no ketchup on a Chicago hot dog.  Repeating. There is no ketchup on a Chicago hot dog... EVER! :)  If you've had a Chicago dog, you probably knew that, but did you know there's a difference between how they make it on the north-side vs the south-side?

Also, Chicago dogs are all beef. Did you know that?  I clearly didn't as evidenced by me cleverly wearing my Piggly Wiggly shirt (there is nary a pig involved).



Click here for more about DJs Hot Dog Co.

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