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The Best Diet May Be No Diet At All

I can do that :)

If you’ve already blown your New Year’s diet, let not your heart be troubled.  Turns out the diet of the year may be no diet at all. 

It’s called “intuitive eating.”  The concept… eat whenever  you’re hungry, but be sure to stop when you’re full.  Slow down…I’m not following :)

I like the part about eating whenever you’re hungry… it’s the stopping when you’re full that I struggle with.  If you’re a grown up, you probably know your limits with alcohol, but I do not know my limits with food.  Like, I don’t know what the perfect amount of full feels like… or I don’t know what it takes to get there.  And that’s the problem.  They say most of us are really bad about listening to our bodies.  Or… I tell my body to pipe down.  "Hey, pipe down… I don’t care if you’re full… we’re finishing this pizza."  Because you know what I say every pizza is a personal pizza if you set your mind to it.

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