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Make The Best Steak Ever, No Grill Required

Perhaps you’re grilling more at your place now that the weather has been a little nicer.  Well, I made the best steak of my life the other night… and it wasn’t on the grill. 

Steak is my favorite meal.  It would be my last meal on death row.  Steak, baked potato, and red wine.  I’ve been to, I think every steak house in town… and I’ve even been known to travel for a steak.  There’s a place over in Dayton, Ohio we go to a few times a year… an old school supper club steak place.  All that to say – I love steak and I make good steaks at home, but I’ve never made a great steak.  Well that changed the other night. 

I’ve been grilling my steaks and that was my, no pun intended… that was my mistake.  This time, I did it on the stove and in the oven – a combo.  You sprinkle it with salt and pepper, or I use seasoned salt… sear it in a pan on the stove, then put it in the oven for about 3 minutes per side.  I’m telling you, it’s better than any grilled steak I’ve ever had.  I used filet, but you could use whatever you want.  

Click here for a step by step to this recipe I borrowed from Alton Brown.  I also served it with some mushrooms I had sauteed in butter, red wine, and rosemary.


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