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In Relationships, You're Either an 'Author' or 'Weather Reporter.' Which One Are You and Why It Matters?

Tune Up Tuesday!  On Tuesday mornings around 8:15, I give you a little nugget you can use to tune up your relationship, if you’d like. 


Today – there are two ways to show up in a relationship… you can show up as an author or as a weather reporter.  Which one are you?  Which one is your significant other… and why does it matter?


Authors are passionate and positive.  They create their own lives and try new experiences.  Weather reporters, on the other hand… complain about their lot in life.  They sometimes blame others, shuck responsibility, and merely comment on what happens to them…. Just like weather reporters comment on the weather that’s happening.  Ahhh… I get it now. 


You can imagine this – the happiest relationships are those where two people have the same philosophy… two authors, for example can create a pretty cool life together. 


In a relationship, you can take this further.  Consider this – do the words you exchange with your significant other build them up or tear them down?  Weather reporters hurt themselves, but even worse… they can damage others too.  For a happy life and a happy relationship… choose, instead to be an author.


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