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Sean's 'EYEtalian Beef' Recipe

Photo Credit: Sean Copeland

EYEtalian... that's how they say it back home in Southern Illinois :)  I actually got this recipe from the lady who was my pastor's wife while I was growing up.


So, this recipe is pretty easy.  Just put all of this in the Crock Pot:

  • Roast
  • Packet of Italian dressing seasoning mix
  • Jar of pepperoncinis (juice and all)
  • Can of beer (I usually prefer to use cheap beer, as pictured)
  • A sliced onion or two
  • ....and anything else you want. Sometimes I'll add a sliced bell pepper, some crushed red pepper, and sometimes some extra garlic.


Then when you assemble the sandwich on a delli roll, I like to dip the entire thing back into the Crock Pot. Mmmmmm!

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