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Steven Avery is Guilty: What Changed My Mind

I've shared via Twitter and on-air about my change in tune on this. People have asked me to explain why.  Here goes...


Making a Murderer makes a pretty strong case that Steven Avery is an innocent man.  That's he's the victim of the system, corrupt cops, evidence planting, etc.  After watching, I believed that.


So, when I had Ken Kratz (who prosecuted the case) on my show and he promised to change minds at Crime Con with evidence the jury heard that was omitted from the docu-series... I was beyond skeptical.  That being said, I went into his sessions (which totaled 4 hours) with an open mind... and I left with a changed mind.  


Let me preface with a couple of things...

A) People have launched attacks against Ken Kratz's character and behavior.  Some criticisms of him are warranted, but you can dislike Mr. Kratz and think Avery is guilty.  The two are not mutually exclusive.

B) I might be wrong about my conclusion, but at the very least... I think the makers of the docu-series were misleading in their telling of the story.


After listening to Kratz and doing some research of my own, here are the 3 most convincing things to me of Avery's guilt:


1) The bullet.  Teresa Halbach's DNA was found on a bullet fragment in Avery's garage   That bullet is without a doubt from a 22 that was hanging above his bed.  It would be difficult for cops to plant her DNA on a bullet fragment that has to be identified under a microscope. 

2) The phone records.  He called Auto Trader, concealing his identity (disguising his voice and using *67) on the day of the murder.  Why did he do that?  To get her there!  She was lured.  There's a voicemail from Teresa suggesting this, but it's so heavily edited in Making a Murderer that viewers are lead to believe she knows she's going to Avery Salvage Yard, but when you hear the full unedited voicemail, it's clear (at the time of that call) she did not.  

3) The bones.  Her bones were not merely dumped in the firepit.  Her remains are interwoven with steel belt radials of the tires in the fire pit.. which proves she was not burned elsewhere and dumped there.  The notion that someone else could kill her, dismember her body, bring her back to the fire pit in time for Avery to be watching the fire around 7P (which witnesses testified to) is far fetched.


I might be wrong about this, and if you think I am... I invite you to politely tell me why you think so.

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