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Things 80s & 90s Kids Did That Could Get Us Arrested Today

Get us arrested (or our parents).


What about riding in the bed of a pickup truck?  Check. 

I remember bouncing around in the back of my dad’s blue Chevy.  It never occurred to me or my parents apparently that that was dangerous. 



What about being left alone a little too soon?  Check.

I was left alone around the age of 7, I’m guessing.  I danced around, played the radio, ate Little Debbies.. .and didn’t once drink any Drano or put my tongue in a light socket.



Buying cigarettes and alcohol.  Check.

Now, I assumed this was only a small town thing.  I grew up in Southern Illinois… a town called Wolf Lake.  The population was 300, including pets.  There was one little gas station in town.  And I still remember the phone number for it.  It was owned by the same people who owned the farm supply store.  The number?  833-FARM.  And my mom would call that and say… "hey, I’m gonna send Sean down to get me some smokes."  And the deal was, if I rode my bike down to get her smokes, she’d give me some money to get a cold pop and a Little Debbie.  Again with the Little Debbie.  Did your mom do this sorta thing?  Or is there something else you’d add to this list?  


Full list here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / ChrisiniLola

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