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Want To Be a Millionaire? Here's What To Do In Each Decade of Your Life


In your 20s, they say start saving 20% of your paycheck. 


In your 30s, live below your means.  Your 30s, they say can be one of your most expensive decades as many people get married, have kids, buy a home, etc. 


In your 40s, focus on growing your savings. 


And in your 50s, stay on track for retirement and don’t let your children derail it.  You know how that often happens?  Student loan debt.  A large percentage of student loan debt is held by people 65 or older because have borrowed for their kids.  Don’t do that! 


Now, a couple of things here – most people in their 20s can’t afford to save 20% of their income… not with student debt, rent, and avocado toast.  Sort of kidding about that last one.  Also, you may think – well, this is great info Sean, but I’m in my 40s… how do I catch up?  I’d say 3 things to that:

1) It’s never too late to start saving.  Having some retirement is better than none. 

2) Maybe you can just educate your kids with this info so they can learn from your mistake.

3) Just make sure your 2nd marriage, those often happen in your 40s or 50s, right? – Just make sure your next marriage is to a rich person :)


So, there you have it.  I hope that info helps.  At this point, I’m fine.  I have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of the day ;)


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