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What Does The North-side Have That The Rest Of Us Should?

The question: What does the north-side have that you wish your side of town did?  


It's inspired by this list from IndyStar naming things the north-side has that the south-side wants, but being an east-sider (I live in Irvington)... I thought "Hey, what about the E & W sides?"  So, I'm opening up the topic a little bit...


Top suggestions include:

1) Trader Joe's.  Yeah, it never made sense to me that the only two in town are essentially on the same street.  And on the east-side, we'd settle for just one nice, full-service grocery store. I don't care if it's a Fresh Thyme, one of those nice Kroger stores with clothes inside, or even an updated Marsh.

2) Apple Store.  I can't believe a city our size only has one.  I used to live in Kansas City.  It's practically the same size as Indy and they have two. I think Circle Centre or Mass Ave would be an ideal location.


Then it got me thinking back to the north-side V south-side: Is there something on the south-side that north-siders should be jealous of?  

My vote? Bynum's Steakhouse.  I love that place.  And, sure the north-side has lots of great high end steakhouses, but they don't have an old school one with a supper club feel (at least not that I know of).  Anything else?  

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