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Looking to do Valentine's Day on the cheap? Read this: 10 Ways to Give Your Love the Best Valentine's Day Ever (Without Spending a Dime) Photo credit: Thinkstock / iStock / GeorgeRudy
Sean Copeland's song paying tribute to those in Central Indiana who struggle to drive in the snow... Audio titled Song "We Don't Know How To Drive In The Snow" by Sean Copeland Photo Credit: lior2 / iStock / Thinkstock
Would you freak out? Audio titled A Roach In a Restaurant by Sean Copeland Photo credit: ben-bryant / ThinkStock / i Stock
I've never seen one episode of the number 1 show, and I'm not sure I care to... This study (how did they study this?) says Game of Thrones is the most binge-able show ever. Margaret, a dear lady who has sort of adopted me as one of her kids.. she does something in her kitchen...
Not mine... just so we're clear :) But what would you do if this happened at your work place? Audio titled Help! My coworker smells! by Sean Copeland Photo Credit: Thinkstock / iStock
Had my Aunt Maryanne serve as guest co-host this morning. So much fun! Here are some highlights in case you missed it... Audio titled Aunt Maryanne Guest Co-Hosting Highlights by Sean Copeland
This recipe from Alton Brown is so good, you may like it... even if you don't typically like cooked carrots. Get it here. Also pictured: Sous Vide pork tenderloin and mashed cauliflower.
Here's what I say... Audio titled Is this a Christmas song or not? by Sean Copeland Hear the song in question... Video of Celebrate Me Home - Kenny Loggins
And a Lazarus gift card... Audio titled The One Time I Refused To Give a Winner Her Prize by Sean Copeland