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I vote yes... Audio titled Is this the worst Christmas song of all time? by Sean Copeland Getty Images / Hulton Archive / Stringer
View this post on Instagram Old man rant: it’s cuffing season 🎄🙄 #oldmanrant #cuffingseason #nothankstomhanks A post shared by Sean Copeland (@sean.copeland) on Nov 29, 2017 at 7:36am PST Photo cred: philip koschel | getty images
Heather Tallman (our resident busy mom who likes to cook from ) joins me each week to chat about life, food, trends, must make recipes, etc. This week -- Crock Pot No-Nos! Click here for the 10 foods you should never cook in a Crock Pot . For the record, I...
And, and... these would be a great use for leftovers! Photo Credit: margouillatphotos / iStock / Thinkstock
I had the best day doing this! Audio titled "Pretend We're Carmel Housewives Day" by Sean Copeland
People think I'm keeping a secret... Audio titled Is Sean Getting Married? by Sean Copeland This is the song in question that fueled speculation. Maybe I'll play this at my wedding. It may be my favorite song about falling in love... Video of When did you fall in love with me +...
Was so cool to have Joel Osteen (pastor of America's largest church) serve as guest co-host this morning. No matter what you believe about God or Joel, you have to admit that many of his positive messages sure are inspiring! I loved what he had to say about the perceived divide...
Striking this word from your vocabulary may help you maintain or even lose weight... Audio titled To Lose Weight, Strike This Word From Your Vocab by Sean Copeland Read more here . Photo credit: bhofack2 / i Stock / Thinkstock
What do you make of this audio from Bob with Indy Ghost Hunters ? Audio titled Caught On Tape: Ghost Plays Piano In Central Indiana Home by Sean Copeland Photo Credit: Orla / iStock / Thinkstock