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Had my Aunt Maryanne serve as guest co-host this morning. So much fun! Here are some highlights in case you missed it... Audio titled Aunt Maryanne Guest Co-Hosting Highlights by Sean Copeland
This recipe from Alton Brown is so good, you may like it... even if you don't typically like cooked carrots. Get it here. Also pictured: Sous Vide pork tenderloin and mashed cauliflower.
Here's what I say... Audio titled Is this a Christmas song or not? by Sean Copeland Hear the song in question... Video of Celebrate Me Home - Kenny Loggins
And a Lazarus gift card... Audio titled The One Time I Refused To Give a Winner Her Prize by Sean Copeland
I vote yes... Audio titled Is this the worst Christmas song of all time? by Sean Copeland Getty Images / Hulton Archive / Stringer
View this post on Instagram Old man rant: it’s cuffing season 🎄🙄 #oldmanrant #cuffingseason #nothankstomhanks A post shared by Sean Copeland (@sean.copeland) on Nov 29, 2017 at 7:36am PST Photo cred: philip koschel | getty images
Heather Tallman (our resident busy mom who likes to cook from ) joins me each week to chat about life, food, trends, must make recipes, etc. This week -- Crock Pot No-Nos! Click here for the 10 foods you should never cook in a Crock Pot . For the record, I...
And, and... these would be a great use for leftovers! Photo Credit: margouillatphotos / iStock / Thinkstock
I had the best day doing this! Audio titled "Pretend We're Carmel Housewives Day" by Sean Copeland