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He says people from Indiana don't know anything about this, and I want to go to LA, be on this show, and prove him wrong. Think I'll get an invite? Audio titled Jimmy Kimmel Says Hoosiers Don't Know Anything About This by Sean Copeland Photo Credit: Getty Images /...
Have you been in the light bulb aisle lately? Audio titled Old Man Rant: My Meltdown In The Light Bulb Aisle by Sean Copeland Photo Credit: Jeffrey Hamilton / DigitalVision /
Heather Tallman (our resident busy mom who likes to cook from ) joins me each week to chat about life, food, trends, must make recipes, etc. This week we talked about this -> Weird Cake From The 70s Making a Comeback . I had never heard of this cake. Heather...
As I gear up to particpiate in the 10th annual Monumental (Half) Marathon on November, 4th... I wanted to share the best piece of running advice I ever received. A running coach at the YMCA said slow down.
My hope here is to save you some money... i.e. don't waste your money on these chips if they're not any good... Audio titled Sean's Classy Lady Taste Test: New Lays Flavors by Sean Copeland
Reason number 703 I don't go to the movies that often... Photo Credit: Michael Blann / Digital Collection / Thinkstock
The brothers served as my guest co-hosts this morning and I asked them what we spend too much money on... and what we don't spend enough on with home improvement. If you're a homeowner, you have to hear their answer... Photo Credit: Rommel Demano / Contributor / Getty Images
Today we hug a little tighter, perhaps feel a little more grateful, and life might seem a little more precious. This piece of audio takes me back to that morning... Photo Credit: nito100 / iStock / Thinkstock
Couldn't help but think of 867-5309, but this song seeks to make a phone number famous for a very different reason. You see 1-800-273-8255 is the number for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline . If you're a casual listener you may not know that my uncle (who was really like...