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4 Ways to Maximize a Career Coffee Meeting

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New fiscal, new networking opportunites! 

Inviting someone to network through the classic coffee date sounds good in theory but only if done right. Time is precious, and all interactions and efforts need to feel worth prioritizing on our to-do lists. So here's how to maximize this kind of meeting and make it beneficial for all involved.


1. Know what you want.

Before you reach out to someone, ask yourself exactly what you're trying to achieve before you "connect over coffee."  Determine your goal, then ask to meet up. Your goal should not be something you can easily Google and find out on your own... which leads us to:


2. Do your homework

Check out your connection-of-interest's LinkedIn profile and Company Website to see what they've been up to professionaly. you wouldn't show up to a job interview without knowing the bare minimum about the company right? The same holds true for meeting a professional peer.


3. Be a good host

Arrive early and find a comfortable, quiet table then wait for your peer to arrive before ordering anything. Offer to pay as a show of good manners and if they decline, let it go. If they insist on paying for themselves or both of you, let them. Lead the conversation - before the coffee date, write a list of all the things you want to learn from your peer. Then, listen and take notes.


4. Follow up with gratitude. 

Thank the other person within two days of meeting via email or a handwritten note. 


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