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6 Reasons you NEED to Quit Skipping Your Lunch Break

Taking a break is better for you AND your company

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Twelve o'clock rolls around and take your eyes off the computer screen long enough to grab those leftovers out of the fridge, heat them up and march right back to your desk to keep chugging along. Whether your excuse for not taking a break from your desk is that hair appointment you need to leave a few minutes early for or that you just "don't have the time to take lunch," you're not alone! Only one in five office workers reports taking a lunch break. But taking time to step away from your desk to eat and recharge is extremely important for your productivity. Here's 6 reasons you NEED to take a break + some tips on maximizing that time out of your chair:


  1. You'll have more energy

  2. Your concentration will spike

  3. You'll find it easier to prioritize

  4. Managing stress will be a breeze

  5. Your creativity and innovation will spark

  6. Those headaches and backaches will disappear


TheEveryGirl.com explains:

Employees who take breaks throughout the workday have more energy, more motivation to return to work, are able to concentrate, and manage their stress levels better.

Employees who take a break during the workday have more energy, more motivation to return to work, are better able to concentrate.

Psychologists have found that people actually work best in 90 minute spurts with a break in between, so taking a substantial break halfway through the day can do you a lot of good. Studies show that this break helps you to re-group, prioritize, and manage your stress levels better.

In fact, a lunch break will help you accomplish more than if you work through lunch and skip a meal in favor of a quick granola bar. The longer you are at work, the more important it becomes to step away from your desk because creativity is stifled if you don’t change environments. Creativity and innovation are fueled by a change in environment, especially if you head outside. Which means both you and your company will benefit from you taking a lunch break.

Employees who take breaks throughout the workday have more energy, more motivation to return to work, and are better able to concentrate. Workers who take breaks also have fewer symptoms of common workplace maladies such as headaches, eyestrain, and lower back pain when they return from a break. 

Sometimes a lunch break can feel like an extra hour of work just tacked onto your day simply because you are not at home. But by looking at your lunch break as personal time (which it is!) and not professional time you might start to really enjoy that hour!


Click here for some ideas on how to use your lunch break to it's full potential, whether it's 15 minutes or a full hour!

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