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Yoga Boss Lady: Amy Peddycord | Invoke Studio

"Don't buy a franchise, start your own."


Invoke Studio owner, yoga & Bar Effect teacher Amy Peddycord opened Invoke Studio in 2005 and has watched the studio and downtown Indianapolis community thrive. Amy began her yoga practice in 1998 and is a graduate of OM Yoga's (200 hour) teacher training program. She holds an MBA from Columbia University. She teaches multiple classes, markets and manages her business and is just an all around Yoga Boss Lady.


You have so many opportunities to practice yoga outside this summer! Details on the following are all on our website: invokestudio.com/events 1. Workout Wednesday in partnership with @downtownindy STARTING JUNE 7!http://www.downtownindy.org/events/3396/workout-wednesday-sunrise-yoga-on-the-canal-in-partnership-with-invoke-studio/ 2. Outdoor Yoga on the War Memorial (once a month on Sundays for a more intimate group) 12:00pm start schedule $15- the next one on Sunday, June 18. www.invokestudio.com/events THIS MONTH BRING YOUR DAD FOR FREE! 3. Monumental Yoga on Wednesday, June 21 for this all-studio-all-city event. Invoke is a guru sponsor @monumentalyogaindy 4. Our second Yoga in the Outfield on Sunday, July 16 in partnership with @indyindians We will see you outside. Oh, and BYOM (bring your own yoga mat) :).

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Tell us about you! What you do, what your passion is, how you define your career. 
I am the owner of Invoke Studio, an Indianapolis based yoga and pilates studio, with two locations. As the proprietor, most of my day is marketing, management and strategy.  I am grateful to own a company who makes client's lives healthier and happier.
What advice would you have for women in the work force or women starting an organization or their own business? 
Unless you are from family money or have a large savings account, keep your day job for as long as you possibly can. Start your company on nights and weekends.
Explain your view or approach to a healthy work/life balance. 
I am lucky in that my job is in the industry so I can wear yoga clothes and squeeze in a yoga class, pilates reformer or a run during the day. I eat pretty clean but it is about balance and I love to go out to eat downtown.

What was your very first job? I worked at a frozen yogurt shop in Zionsville.

Where is your happy place in Indianapolis? Tinker Street- I love this restaurant in my neighborhood
What's your meeting must have? Laptop
Which best describes you? Night Owl

Favorite Social Media Platform? Instagram

How do you keep your schedule straight? Outlook Calendar or other app

What beverage keeps you going? Coffee

What's your theme song/get motivated song/at-bat walk up song? I do like that "Shape of You" song although I may be tired of it soon.

What do you wish you know how to do? Play an instrument

What's the biggest time-sucker in your day? Emails... I get sucked into small and larger teacher and client crisis.

What's the best way to blow off steam? Working out or going out with a friend and venting.

Can you share an interview tip? Or something you look for when you're interviewing someone? 

Be knowledgeable about the company and the person you are meeting with. It is so easy to do research now that you have no excuse.

What's your workplace pet-peeve? I hate it when light bulbs are out at either of my studios! I am so picky about it!

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received? Don't buy a franchise. Start your own.

Where is your happy place in Indianapolis? I love Eagle Creek, White River Park and 100 Acres- anywhere I can be outside and also work out.

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