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Enter for Your Chance to Win AT LEAST $500 from B105.7

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It pays to play B’s Big Bucks! We’re giving local listeners a chance to win at least $500! Contesting begins December 26th, so be sure to use this time to enter your name every 24 hours to increase your chances!


1. REGISTER below once every 24 hours (you do not have to be logged into your B account).

2. LISTEN weekdays at 8:40am for Sean Copeland to tell you EXACTLY when we'll announce a name and give away the money that day!

3. If you hear your name announced at that time, you have 10 minutes and 57 seconds to CALL 317-681-1057 to claim your jackpot!


The jackpot starts at $500, and we'll add 500 bucks each time we don't get a winner...


*If the form isn't loading, please try clearing your Cache/Cookies. Visiting so often from the same web browser/computer/phone may cause this.



After your first entry, our contest form will recognize your email and automatically fill in your Name, Date of Birth, & Postal Code on the second page for your convenience. If you have any questions, please email!