Win $500 or MORE While You Work from B105.7


It’s time to play B’s Big Bucks!

Register here once every 24 hours for your daily chance at $500 or more.

Then, listen to Sean Copeland weekday mornings at 8:50!
He’ll tell you the exact time to listen and win each day’s jackpot.

It pays to listen at work with B’s Big Bucks! We’re giving local listeners at least $500 every workday!

  1. REGISTER below once every 24 hours (you do not have to be logged into your B account).
  2. LISTEN weekdays at 8:50am (during the All Music Hour to start the workday) and Sean Copeland will tell you EXACTLY when we’ll announce a name and give away the money that day!
  3. If you hear your name announced at that time, you have 10 minutes and 57 seconds to CALL 317-681-1057 to claim your jackpot!

The jackpot starts at $500, and we’ll add 500 bucks each time we don’t get a winner…

*If the form isn’t loading, please try clearing your Cache/Cookies. Visiting so often from the same web browser/computer/phone may cause this.

*ANDROID USERS: Selecting your birth date is different on Android phones. If you want to save your thumb some scrolling… select the Year in the top left corner first [VIEW SCREENSHOT], set your birth year, then you can use the calendar to scroll & select the month & date.

After your first entry, our contest form will recognize your email and automatically fill in your Name, Date of Birth, & Postal Code on the second page for your convenience. If you have any questions, please email!


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