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Win AT LEAST $500 from B105.7!

Winning $500 a day is back with B's Big Bucks! 

Register below once every 24 hours, then listen to B105.7 weekdays at 8:40A and Sean Copeland will announce exactly what time to listen for that day's B's Big Bucks winner! If you hear YOUR name, you have 10 minutes & 57 seconds to call 317-681-1057 to claim your B's Big Bucks! The jackpot starts at $500, and we'll add 500 bucks each time we don't get a winner....building to B's Big Bucks!!!


Official Rules

*In order to enter the contest, you MUST be logged in to your account and re-enter your information in the webform below every time. This is the only way your submission will be counted. You can sign up for a account by clicking the small blue man icon at the top of the webpage. Once you sign up, double check your Spam for your confirmation email if you do not receive it in your inbox within a few minutes. If you have any issues with your account, email